CEPS – Fall Sustainability Film Series, 2014

Screenshot 2014-09-23 13.36.18

The Common Experience Project on Sustainability (CEPS)  is an ongoing project out of the Environmental Studies Department.  CEPS is launching it’s Fall Sustainability Film Series on Wednesday, September 10th @ 7p at the Athena Cinema on Court Street.  The first up in the series is More Than Honey.  The series will run throughout the semester with the next film screening, Watermark, on September 24 @ 7p.

CEPS is aimed at expanding sustainability literacy across the curriculum. The project will offer an opportunity for faculty engagement in all disciplines with the goal of educating students at Ohio University to the concepts of sustainability.

To that end, Ohio University Libraries purchases many films, including documentary films from independent film companies, such as Green Planet Films, Bullfrog Films, Docurama, Appalshop  – there are many distributors and many well made documentaries that tackle any number of issues.

Screening documentary films as a learning tool is a great way to start a conversation and foster critical thinking through the lens of a documentary filmmaker.  What goes into a well made documentary is no different than what goes into a great piece of writing, scholarship, piece of art, business plan — it takes a lot of research and investigation. A list of the films purchased by Ohio University Libraries and screened at previous CEPS events can be found here.


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