IA Students in Fall Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

Three Interior Architecture students were included in the Fall Undergraduate Juried Exhibition in the Seigfred Gallery.  All works included in the exhibition were chosen from a pool of student entries by guest juror Rebecca Ibel of the Pizzuti Collection in Columbus Ohio.  Two Sophomores, Qin Lu and Huining Guo submitted wallpaper design pieces created in a studio class with visiting Professor Mona Ghandi (Wallpaper Project Description).  A Senior, Angela Steen, submitted an abstract textile composition.


Huining Guo (Sophomore – Class of 2017) with Professor Mona Ghandi.


Huining Guo Wallpaper_Smoke

Huining Guo, Wallpaper-Smoke, Fall 2014

As the title shows, my work is wallpaper and the inspiration of it is smoke. The place where I want to set the wallpaper is a modern bedroom with black, white and gray colors, a simple style. The wallpaper I designed will set directly face to the bed. One word that I choose for the wallpaper is lost. I think bedroom should be a place make people feel lost and lost everything (like, worries or bad things happened during the day) just relaxing.


Qin Lu (Sophomore – Class of 2017) with Professor Mona Ghandi.

Qin Lu wallpaper

Qin Lu, Wallpaper-Diamond, Fall 2014

The idea is from the diamond pattern, and the wall paper location is at the dressing room. This piece of work is named JOY. Moreover, I chose the song “ melodies” by Madison Beer to match those together as a whole version. It was created by photoshop, and it has different size, direction, colour, and layers to represent three dimensional and variable depth of the visual effect.


Angela Steen (Senior – Class of 2015): Untitled, Fall 2014

This piece represents movement through color and abstract shapes. The process being utilized is dry felting. Materials used are colored wool, felt, fabric, and a needle to poke the wool through the felt. I created this work to represent art ranging from a painting to a quilt that are visible simultaneously. Dry felting has helped me collaborate my skills by using different colors and to create a unique work by using resources and media types for the first time. This process has taken me out of my comfort zone and compelled me to limit planning and to improve my creative process by trying new techniques.


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