Professor Caranchini Selected for Baker Award

The John C. Baker Fund and the Ohio University Research Committee awarded $95,175 total to 10 faculty proposals for research, scholarship and creative work during fall semester.

Baker Fund

During the fall cycle of the Baker Fund awards, the university received 15 proposals requesting $160,662.

Endowed in 1961 by a gift of more than $612,000 from 1926 College of Arts and Sciences graduate Edwin L. Kennedy and his wife, Ruth, a 1930 graduate of the College of Education, The John C. Baker Fund was established to support faculty improvement and research efforts. Up to $12,000 is available for each award

The Baker Fund committee selected five proposals and awarded $58,567 total.

The fall recipients are:

Fuh-Cherng Jeng and Brandie Nance, Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences
Computer Modeling of Brainstem Responses to Voice Pitch in American and Chinese Neonates
Funding:  $10,580

Xia Jing, Social and Public Health
Development of an Online Data Filtering, Analysis and Visualization Tool for Large Hierarchical Data Sets
Funding:  $12,000

Melissa Haviland, Art and Design
Anti-gravity: A Large Format Polaroid Photography Project
Funding:  $12,000

Molly Morris, Biological Sciences
Intralocus Tactical Conflict: Constraint on the Evolution of Alternative Reproductive Tactics?
Funding:  $12,000

Vincent Caranchini, Art and Design
Proposal Abstract: Architectural Residue(s)
Funding:  $11,987


Vincent Caranchini, Prototype – Detail: Architectural Residue(s), 2014


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