Jordan Hibner Receives Dean’s Undergraduate Creative Research Award

Senior Jordan Hibner received $800.00 in funding from the Dean’s Undergraduate Creative Research Award.  Her proposal: The Interior Architectural Design of a Sustainable Community Center and Bicycle Hub, relates to her upcoming thesis exhibition this April in the Seigfred Gallery in the School of Art + Design at Ohio University.

Jordan explains her project:

“My senior thesis will be a well-developed design, using two and three dimensional drawings and models, in the creation of a plan for a bike hub that will bring together cyclists as well as a diverse community. Bike commuting is growing rapidly as a sustainable mode of transportation. Another growing topic is sustainability in the design of interior spaces. Combining these topics will be the approach for my design process. This bike hub will contain several distinct user oriented interior architectural components to meet the needs of its users. For those commuting to work or to visit the city there will be bike storage as well as rentable lockers for personal belongings and showers/changing rooms. For those just passing through the city by bike there will be a café for snacks and drinks on the go and there will also be a restaurant. A bike shop will allow users to purchase new gear or have bikes tuned up. A growing trend in cycling is riding across the country, for those there will be a hostel for overnight guests. In addition to hosting cyclists and bike commuters, there will be conference rooms and multi-purpose educational rooms for the community. This center will have as one of its goals to raise awareness of bike safety and the health and environmental benefits of cycling.”


Thesis Proposal Poster


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