Rome Studio 2015

The Rome Studio Program for Summer 2015 is now taking applications.  Applications are due FEB 15th, 2015.  Please see the information pages at the Office of Global Opportunities and the Rome Studio Website for more information. Or email Professor Vincent Caranchini at:


Rome Studio
This program will focus on significant architectural sites in and around the city of Rome, where the primary means of investigation will be through observational and analytical drawings, photography and video informed by architectural conventions. Students will explore traditional and contemporary media to document the various sites while informed by readings, presentations and discussions in both the Special Topics Studio courses ART 3900 and ART 4900. This experience will be complemented with historical studies in ART 3640 or 3650 where experiences of the actual sites in and around Rome will be informed by specific historical readings and commentary. The conceptual framework throughout the site visits will be the investigation of architectural forms as historic and cultural expressions.  The course will run chronologically from the Etruscans through Ancient Rome, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classicism and conclude with significant structures of the 20th Century.  Additional discussion topics will include construction materials, building techniques and the decorative arts.  The emphasis of the program is to assist the studio arts students in developing conceptual documentation and drawing skills while deepening their knowledge and appreciation of architecture and interiors in the specific sociological/historical place of Rome.

Program Length
Four weeks: May 21 — June 18, 2015


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