Fall 2015 Student Manufacturer Trip – IIDA – OU – OSU

Professor Rebekah Matheny (Ohio State University) and Professor Vincent Caranchini (Ohio University) traveled with 32 Interior design students from OU and OSU on the 2015 Student Manufacture Trip to Holland and Grand Rapids Michigan to visit both the Haworth and Steelcase headquarters. Students toured both of the furniture company headquarters, learning about design research and systems furniture production.  They witnessed the design process from ideation and conception, through development and testing to final production. Each company graciously hosted a meal and activities where students got to interact with employees and learn about the culture of each company. The trip sponsored by IIDA was organized by Chelsea King (King Business Interiors) and Kate Bertram (LOTH). The OU Interior Architecture program would like to thank them both for organizing and facilitating this great opportunity.


Steelcase corridor.


Professor Rebekah Matheny (OSU) and Professor Vincent Caranchini (OU) seated in Tulip Chairs (Haworth Cappelini Collection).


OU and OSU Interior Design Students, faculty and coordinators in front of Haworth Headquarters in Holland, MI.


OU and OSU Interior Design student listening to a presentation at Steelcase.



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