This link is currently being developed.  It is our hope to invite OU Alumni to post news about themselves, their work, and accomplishments in this part of our website.  If you are an alumni of the IA program at OU, please contact us with information to post about you.  Please send any news, correspondence or announcement to:

If you are an alumni, you can also post information in the comment section of this page.  Please see below.


2 thoughts on “Alumni

  1. I would love to see alumni be able to post contact information as well as possible internship opportunities here. It could be a great place for us to share resources with the students as well as to connect with fellow alumni and old (figuratively of course) professors!

    All the best,

    Emily Seibert

    Associate and Senior Designer at HKS
    Dallas, Texas

  2. Its nice to see faculty and alumni keeping in contact. spending as many sleepless nights creating amazing projects, your studio becomes your family and home.

    I know the struggles of trying to find a job in today’s economy, so i welcome any questions about job interviews, setting up portfolios and web sights or any other questions you might have.

    Best regards,

    John Gray

    Retail Cad Technician at Shremshock Architects and engineers
    Columbus, Ohio

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