Vincent Caranchini

Professor Caranchini assists Chelsea King and Stephanie Leyva with architectural drawings and watercolors in Rome, Summer 2011

Vincent Caranchini, MFA is an Associate Professor in the Interior Architecture Program at Ohio University. His background is in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA) and Northwestern University (MFA). He is an artist who is interested in the social relationship of paintings and space. His visual work has been presented in both juried and non-juried exhibitions, and his theoretical interests have generated an ongoing body of papers and publications.

On design education: “In my opinion, successful design education only occurs when the student takes ownership for her or his own work. In order for that ownership to occur, my relationship with the student becomes significant.  I meet weekly with students in the studio context.  During such meetings I listen, respond, and offer critique for the stages of work completed.  I challenge students to reflect on their work in relationship to historic and theoretical sources.  I reinforce this development of the individual student through regular group critiques or meetings where students respond to one another.  In follow-up to group critiques, I ask students to reflect on what information classmates offered to them.  My intention through these multiple layers of discussion is to empower the student to take ownership of her or his understanding and interest in design through the decisions they exercise in their own emerging process.”

On scholarship: “The content of my research has been focused upon the multi-dimensional relationship of space and painting/drawing. This investigation has generated three related bodies of work. The first two bodies have been presented in traditional research methods, where the findings have generated conference presentations, posters, and juried publications. In these first two areas, I have explored the relationship of space and painting/drawing with pedagogical (first) and social-historical (second) emphases. The third body has engaged creative scholarship methodologies–and has been an ongoing series of paintings which investigate the relationship of space: both virtual and real as they are presented in two-dimensions. This body of work has been presented in juried exhibitions at local and national levels.”

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